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Frequently Asked Questions

What is melanzane?

A slur commonly used by Italians and Italian-Americans to denote a person of color. Melanzane in Italian means "Eggplant", which itself is used as a slur against blacks because of the almost black color of an eggplant.

How much does a Melanzana hoodie weigh?

Warmth to weight: If my calculations are correct, my women’s large Melanzana Micro Grid Hoodie weights around 13 ounces. Generally, I run pretty hot and can wear this alone on a snowy day when trekking uphill, whether foot powered or on skis.

Why is Melanzana so hard to buy?

Availability: Every Melanzana item is made and sold in their Leadville store. Supply is limited and demand is high, thus making it difficult to purchase in the color or style you like. They value quality control and supporting the Leadville community, which I totally respect, but selfishly wish online ordering was an option.

Is the Melanzana a good base layer?

If you live in Colorado, owning a Melanzana is basically a rite of passage. I can say with confidence that this is my favorite base layer I have ever owned and worn.

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