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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Montana's big game hunting regulations?

Montana’s 2022 Big Game Hunting Regulations covering sheep, moose, mountain goat, and antelope are available. The 2022 regulations can be ordered from the Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks office by calling 406-444-2535.

What is the Bonus point system for the big game in Montana?

The Montana bonus and preference point systems are voluntary. The bonus point costs $20 for non-residents per species. The preference point costs $100 for non-residents for the general combination drawing.

What is the qualifying score for Montana?

Qualifying Scores Species Montana Score Score Record AMERICAN ELK NON-TYPICAL 370 385 465 2/8 AMERICAN ELK TYPICAL 360 375 442 5/8 BIGHORN SHEEP 175 180 208 3/8 BISON 110 115 136 4/8 10 more rows ...

Can you apply for a hunt in Montana?

Montana only accepts online applications for all big game draws. Paper applications are no longer accepted, and Montana does not allow phone applications. You cannot apply as a party for Montana’s sheep, moose, or mountain goat hunts. Antelope hunters may apply as a party. The maximum number of hunters who can apply as a party is five.

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