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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you hunt and fish on public lands in Montana?

public or private lands, streams, or lakes, while hunting, fishing, or camping shall forfeit any current Montana hunting, fishing, or trapping license and the privilege to hunt, fish, camp, or trap in Montana for a period of one year.

Is it legal to hunt elk in Montana?

Montana has some elk hunting districts with special regulations governing the type of bull elk that is legal to harvest. These diagrams and definitions are intended to assist the hunter in interpreting these regulations.

How does FWP collect information about Montana hunting seasons?

Montana FWP conducts an annual telephone survey to gather hunting and harvest information from Montana hunters. Telephone interviewers call mid-week evenings and weekends to speak to hunters one-on-one to get the most accurate information possible. Wildlife managers use the results to evaluate hunting seasons

What's in a Montana hunting regulation booklet?

These regulation booklets bounce around on the dashboard of pickup trucks, get stuffed into hunting packs or rest in office drawers all around Montana. They not only tell you how to hunt legally in Montana but also outline the unbelievable hunting

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