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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Montana hunting permit quota?

In Montana, nonresident applicants are awarded up to 10% of a district’s permits. The 10% quota is not a guarantee, though, and it is possible for residents to be drawn for every permit in a hunting district before a nonresident's name is pulled out of the hat.

How much is an elk hunting license in Montana?

Hunters may hold only one general elk license, which can be used for elk as indicated under the “General Elk License” heading on the deer and elk hunting regulations. Montana residents 12-17, holders of a disabled resident conservation license, or residents 62 years and older may purchase this license for $10. Fees: Resident: $20. Nonresident: N/A

Can you apply for a hunt in Montana?

Montana only accepts online applications for all big game draws. Paper applications are no longer accepted, and Montana does not allow phone applications. You cannot apply as a party for Montana’s sheep, moose, or mountain goat hunts. Antelope hunters may apply as a party. The maximum number of hunters who can apply as a party is five.

What's new for Montana antelope hunting in 2022?

Things will be mostly the same for Montana antelope in 2022 and very little has changed. Some hunting districts saw some minor boundary changes or name changes.

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