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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Montana Honor Guard uniform?

The Honor Guard’s distinctive uniforms are modeled after the first Montana Highway Patrol officers’ apparel. The circular patch on the right breast pocket is the original MHP patch, featuring a spoked wheel and a bison skull.

What is the Montana sheriffs and Peace Officers Association?

The mission of the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is to improve the effectiveness of and to provide support for professional law enforcement in Montana. The Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association is the professional organization for Sheriffs, Deputy Sheriffs, Detention Officers and other sworn law enforcement officers.

What is the Montana Highway Patrol symbol?

But perhaps the greatest tribute Montana has given them is the symbol 3-7-77 on the patch worn by Montana Highway Patrol troopers across the state. The numbers were added to the patch in 1956 and added a final gloss of respectability to the actions of the original law enforcement group.

What does the Montana law enforcement unit do?

At the request of other law enforcement agencies throughout Montana and the nation, the unit provides assistance in situations in which the safety or health of the public is at risk, including disasters, civil disturbances, riots and demonstrations. The unit does not assist in labor disputes.

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