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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a motion diagram look like?

The motion diagram includes appropriately spaced dots that represent the object's constant speed motion, speeding up motion, or slowing down motion. The motion diagram also includes a set of arrows representing the velocity of the object over the course of the motion; these arrows can be increasing in length, decreasing in length,...

Why choose motionmotion laboratories?

Motion Laboratories is a full service fabrication and assembly facility based in New York that produces high quality portable electrical power distribution systems, electric chain hoist control systems, weight monitoring systems, metering equipment, testing equipment and cable assemblies.

How do you describe the motion of an object?

One means of describing a motion is through the use of a diagram. A dot diagram (sometimes called ticker tape diagrams or oil drop diagrams) represents the position of an object at constant intervals of time (like every second) with a dot. The pattern of dots reveals information about the nature of the motion.

What is the motion diagram concept builder?

Physics Tutorial The Motion Diagrams Concept Builder is a tool that provides a learner with extensive practice relating the verbal description of an object's motion to the motion diagram that describes the same motion.

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