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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose motionmotion Raceworks high resolution driveshaft speed wheel?

Motion Raceworks High Resolution Driveshaft Speed Wheel offers amazing quality driveshaft speed data with a high resolution approach to help smooth out your graph and deliver accurate data to your recording device or traction control.

How much does it cost to maintain a racetrack?

Maintaining (and repairing) an old racetrack is not cheap, and a significant portion of income from the Cleetus McFarland brand goes to keeping the Freedom Factory running. For example, he mentioned that just replacing the bleachers alone cost nearly $100,000.

How much is the Freedom Factory worth?

The Freedom Factory is likely worth $1.5 million. I estimate this considering that he paid a little under $1 million for it and has made significant improvements to it since then. Let’s assume that he has 50% equity in it so far.

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