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Frequently Asked Questions

Do tenants leave furniture behind when they move out?

Tenants are prone to leaving things behind during a move out. More often than not, it’ll be little more than trash and used cleaning supplies, but what is to be done when there’s furniture left behind? If you have new tenants moving in, clearing out the property quickly and entirely is one of your top priorities.

What should you leave behind when you move house?

There are certain rules for what needs to stay in the home. Angela Colley, also writing for the National Association of Realtors, says built-in furniture, wall mounts, and landscaping such as trees and shrubs are among the items that need to stay behind when you move.

What to do with old furniture when moving house?

If the furniture prevented me from beginning the process of cleaning and preparing the place for new tenants there will be a fee for each day it was there, plus a charge for a company of movers to come collect it all and drive it to the dump. You get to pay for disposal there, as well as a charge for me to make these arrangements.

Is there a way to remove furniture from the House?

(Use 'Sell all furnishings' to leave the other stuff behind, if you want to.) BUT, that only works if you move the whole family. Apparently there's no way to do so if just moving out part of the family. (It will take any items in personal inventory, but furniture/appliances can't be put there.)

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