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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I move to Italy?

The quality of life is relaxed and enjoyable, and Italians are warm and friendly - so before long you will feel right at home. In this article, we'll cover everything you need to know before moving to Italy – from property prices, to job opportunities.

Is this town in southern Italy paying people to move there?

Bova, a town in southern Italy that is paying people to move there. But as you might expect, there are a few catches. In order to get the funds from Calabria, new residents must promise that they will launch a small business or take a specific professional job.

Do you need a visa to move to Italy?

Understand the Legal Requirements on Moving to Italy If you’re a member of the European Union, moving to Italy is easy. You are free to live and work there without a visa. However, a work visa is necessary for everyone else coming to Italy for non-tourism purposes.

What documents do I need to move to Italy?

Proof of legal address in the form of rental contract or recent utility bill. Registration certificate issued by the local police when the individual entered Italy for the first time. Temporary residence permit proving that the individual has lived at least for 5 years in Italy. How do I go about moving to Italy?

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