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Frequently Asked Questions

What is correspondent seller guide?

Correspondent Seller Guide This information is provided by Plaza Home Mortgage and intended for mortgage professionals only, as a courtesy to its clients and is meant for instructional purposes only. It is not intended for public use or distribution.

What is the PennyMac correspondent group seller guide?

This PennyMac Correspondent Group Seller Guide (“Guide”) contains PennyMac Corp.’s detailed requirements for selling Mortgage Loans with delegated underwriting to PennyMac pursuant to a Mortgage Loan Purchase Agreement (“Agreement”).

What is the Plaza correspondent seller guide?

Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc.’s (Plaza) Correspondent Seller Guide (“Seller Guide”), along with the Correspondent Loan Purchase Agreement (the “Agreement”) governs the business relationship between Plaza and the correspondent lender (“Seller”). This Seller Guide sets forth the terms and conditions for selling loans to Plaza.

What is the correspondent seller Guide co-sg-001?

Correspondent Seller Guide CO-SG-001 rev. 137 Page 16 of 89 7/1/2021 advise Plaza of any material change in the Seller’s circumstances, financial or otherwise, including, but not limited to, a change in the Seller’s ownership. Fidelity and Errors and Omissions Insurance

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