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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mr Cooper mortgage Nationstar?

Nationstar Mortgage is now officially Mr. Cooper. Nationstar’s massive rebranding, which HousingWire first reported back in December 2015, became official on Monday morning, with the nonbank dropping the Nationstar name and becoming Mr. Cooper.

Can someone pay their bill online?

Yes they can. When you send an online invoice with the ability for the customer to pay, then can enter whatever amount they want to pay. The invoice will be reflected by their payment.

Can I pay my utility bill online?

Pay Your Utility Bill Online & On Time. Official Payments makes it easy to pay your utility bill using your debit card, credit card or other convenient option. It's fast, easy & secure, and your payment is processed immediately which comes in handy if you've waited until the last minute or your bill is past due.

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