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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mr heaters safe indoors?

Mr. Heater is safe to be used indoors as long as it is an indoor Mr. Heater product. The only Mr. Heater that is safe for indoor use is the products manufactured for indoor use only. It is not safe to use an outdoor Mr. Heater product indoors. It can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning or death.

Are Mr. Buddy heaters safe to use indoors?

Most every home heating system today requires electricity, regardless of it’s fuel source (except a wood stove…). The ‘Mr. Heater Buddy’ portable heater will function without electricity and will operate during a power outage. It is listed safe to use indoors (VERY important).

Why are tankless water heaters more efficient?

So, tankless water heaters are exactly as efficient as those with a tank regarding the amount of electricity needed to heat the water. In the long run, they may look as slightly more efficient because there is no hot water remaining in them, loosing heat while waiting to be used.

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