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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the Ontario branch of mrcpl?

Mon., Tue., Thu. Conveniently located near restaurants and shopping, the Ontario Branch of MRCPL serves not just locals, but folks from the entire county and beyond.

What services does mrcpl offer for children?

The Ontario Branch of MRCPL offers a wide variety of services for children of all ages. Weekly story times are offered throughout the year for babies and toddlers. Additionally, for working families, we offer evening story times and programs.

What is the history of the Mansfield Memorial Library?

In 1890 Miss Martha Mercer became head librarian of the Memorial Library, which was then housed in the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Building. Miss Mercer traveled to New York and met with James Bertram, Andrew Carnegie’s secretary and in 1903 Carnegie awarded a grant for $35,000 for the construction of a new library in Mansfield.

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