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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose mris-46?

At MRIS-46 we believe that that wider the range of possibilities we offer to the children, the more intense will be their motivations and richer their experiences. This in turn will go a long way in nurturing in them a lifelong passion for learning. MRIS-46 strives to provide an outstanding 360 degree….

Which is the MRIs campus in Gurugram?

MRIS Mohali Digital Campus MRIS Mohali MRIS 51, Gurugram Health & Hygiene Gurugram Sector 51 Mohali Mid-Day Meal MRIS Mohali MRIS 14, faridabad

How mris-46 Gurugram celebrated Zimriya 2021?

MRIS-46 Gurugram celebrated ZIMRIYA, the music fest in the first week of February which culminated on 6th & 7th Feb 2021, physically in the presence of parents in different time slots with proper safety and social distancing guidelines. Zimriya- the musical saga celebrated music, the universal [...]

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