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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ni stand for?

What does NI mean? nickel, Ni, atomic number 28 (noun) a hard malleable ductile silvery ...

What does the word "Ni" mean?

ni ni is an Aussie short for goodnight, night, nite "ni everyone " meaning " night everyone" by F.Di Silvio November 25, 2007 Flag Get the ni mug. ni It's a nickname for niall horan from one direction. Fans call him ni somethimes because it sounds cute :) stream heartbreak weather y'all!! I love ni so much..

What does 'ni' mean?

NI: Neoist International (governing body of Art/Agitprop conferees) NI: Natione Itala (Latin: Italic Nation, epigraphy)

What is ni on a vape?

Stainless steel (SS), nickel (NI), and TI (titanium) are all wire materials. With the exception of stainless steel, which can be used in wattage mode and SS mode, they should only be used in those mods that correspond to them. They allow you to limit the temperature you vape at.

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