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Frequently Asked Questions

Is multifocal the same as progressive?

Progressive glasses and multifocal are the same, so the words are interchangeable in this article. ... Progressive lenses or multifocal lenses can merge all the focal power you need into one single lens, like ordering a pizza with 3 different flavours put into 3 sections. A few issues with progressive lenses happen when using the stairs.

Do multifocal contacts really work?

There are no hard and fast rules. But, in general, aspheric multifocal contact lenses tend to work best for mild to moderate presbyopia, and concentric or segmented multifocal contacts often are more successful for advanced presbyopia. Click to see full answer. Thereof, does it take time to get used to multifocal contact lenses? A: You bet!

What does multifocal mean in medical dictionary?

What does multifocal mean? Pathologists use the word multifocal to describe something seen in more than one part of a tissue sample. Multifocal changes can be seen when the tissue is examined by eye (this is called the gross examination) or under the microscope.. Similar words include focal and diffuse.

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