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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tourtourist app?

Tourist App democratizes the Travel and Tour Guide industry by providing a marketplace for Tourists and Tour Guides to connect on demand and in real time using their geolocation and instantaneous mobile payments. A tourist or local requests a tour then a tour guide responds to it and a virtual handshake is established.

What are the best tourism apps for travelers?

Yelp is much-loved and widely used. For many, it’s the gold standard of not only tourism apps but of local, hometown business apps, as well. No matter where your wanderlust takes you—to your hometown or across the globe— Yelp has reviews of businesses that can help make your trip spectacular.

What is mymybohol tourist app?

MyBohol Tourist App is an integrated solution that allows user to reserve, book and pay in their favorite tourism destination. It is designed to use technology to balance the safety & health of the people and the opening up of the economy. ✓ Transportation system integrated to the smart card.

How does a mobile travel app guide work?

With a mobile travel app guide, travelers receive access to local attractions, insider tips, events, and sights. After visiting a particular place, travelers can share their experiences with other app users by writing reviews and recommendations.

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