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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't access MY vanguard account?

What do you mean when you say "I can not access my vanguard account"? The issue could be due to some third party programs. I would suggest you to boot the computer into clean boot and check if the issue persists.

Is Vanguard a good investment?

Vanguard is the king of low-cost investing, making it ideal for buy-and-hold investors and retirement savers. But active traders will find the broker falls short despite its $0 stock trading commission, due to the lack of a strong trading platform. Large mutual fund selection. Commission-free stock, options and ETF trades. Leader in low-cost funds.

Is Vanguard a good choice?

Vanguard's low-cost model and large fund selection make the broker a good choice for long-term investors, but the firm lacks the kind of robust trading platform active traders require. Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us.

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