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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I animate a photo on MyHeritage?

Users can also animate any photo that is already on MyHeritage by visiting the “My Photos” section of the website. Select one of the photos, and click the new “Animate” button. If only one face is detected in your photo, the platform will begin animating it right away.

How do I animate a photo using MyHeritage deep nostalgia?

Wait for the MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia to finish analyzing and animating the photo. You will need to sign up or register in to use this AI-based face animation tech. If you have been using MyHeritage family tree service, and already have photos uploaded to the site, you can choose those photos to animate.

How many photos can I animate with MyHeritage?

If you have a Complete subscription with MyHeritage, you will be able to animate an unlimited number of photos. Other MyHeritage users can create several animations for free.

What is MyHeritage's face animation technology?

The face animation technology itself is impressive enough — if you set aside the ethics of encouraging people to drag their long-lost relatives into the uncanny valley to help MyHeritage cross-sell DNA testing (with all the massive privacy considerations around putting that kind of data in the hands of a commercial entity).

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