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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Patrick Mason?

A Proven Performer in Large and Small Venues. Baltimore-area tenor Patrick Mason has established himself for well over two decades as a signature performer of anthem and classical repertoire. He has performed as a soloist for many major classical works, and he has performed national anthems and other selections for over one million people live,...

How many anthems has Pat Mason performed?

I have performed over 115 anthems and other selections at sporting events, including over 30 appearances in Baltimore and 30 appearances in Washington, DC alone. I am available to perform voiceover work upon demand. “Pat Mason is a very gifted and talented musician and singer.

Who sings the national anthem at professional sports events?

Patrick Mason has had the honor of singing our country’s national anthem at professional sporting events all over the country, for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, PRCA Rodeo, World Team Tennis and more.

Who is the Baltimore Orioles'national anthem singer?

Patrick Mason has sung the national anthem at dozens of sporting events, including at the start of six Baltimore Orioles home games. The last time he sung at Camden Yards, the Orioles clinched the AL East in September. PHOTOs COURTESY OF PATRICK MASON Patrick Mason is known for his “by the book” performances of “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

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