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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the National Catholic Register conservative or liberal?

The National Catholic Register holds a right-leaning conservative bias as they frequently favor anti-abortion and anti-fetal tissue measures. When reporting on US politics, they have mixed feelings about President Joe Biden.

Does Catholic Online have a right-wing bias?

In other words, this site is desperately trying to capitalize on its followers. In reporting news, Catholic Online has a strong right-wing bias through story selection. For example, there is an article that celebrates President Trump’s decision to ban transgender persons from the military, citing moral obligation.

Is the National Catholic Reporter rejecting the teachings of the Catholic Church?

It’s been obvious for a long time, but now it is official: the National Catholic Reporter rejects the teachings of the Catholic Church on sexuality. In an editorial titled, “ NCR Endorses Call for a New Sexual Ethic,” it supports retired Australian Bishop Geoffrey Robinson’s plea for the Church to change its teachings on sexuality.

What is the National Catholic Register?

Founded in 1927, the National Catholic Register is a conservative national Catholic newspaper based in Ironside, Alabama. According to their about page, “Our mission is to provide a perspective on the news of the day as seen through the eyes of the Magisterium.

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