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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the national holidays of the UK?

Some of the holidays are Commonwealth Day, celebrated in March to promote international cooperation, Guy Fawkes Day in November, usually fireworks, Boxing Day, which is the day after Christmas, and of course the Queen Birthday. There are also various Saints that are celebrated, including St George, Saind David and Saint Andrew.

What holidays do England celebrate?

One of the holidays in the UK celebrated mainly by the Welsh, St. David is the patron saint of Wales and is credited with converting Wales to Christianity. The holiday is observed on March 1st.

What is the National Day of United Kingdom?

The National Day of United Kingdom does not have a recognized national day (see proposed British national day), although the Queen’s Official Birthday (which is declared annually, usually falling on a Saturday in the first half of June) is sometimes considered as such, for example, in British diplomatic institutions overseas.

What is the National Day of the United States?

The National Day of United States is on the 4 July (Independence Day, declaration of independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain 1776). We have listed the public holidays below for the United States.

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