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Frequently Asked Questions

Is National Geographic Expeditions a tour company?

In 1999, National Geographic launched their own tour company component: National Geographic Expeditions. Since then they have expanded to offer trips on all 7 continents in over 60 destinations. Recently they partnered with G Adventures to provide even more variety to their devoted customers. What Makes National Geographic Expeditions Stand Out?

How can I travel with National Geographic?

With National Geographic, you can travel by small, expedition-style ships; classic train journeys; land tours; active adventures; photo tours; family-oriented trips; or private, independent expeditions based on your desires and budget.

What makes National Geographic trips so popular with tourists?

National Geographic trips are also extremely popular with photographers - novice photographers will enjoy their photography-centric tours, while many dedicated hobbyists can be found on their other trip styles as well.

Where can I find the best National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures?

Discover the best National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures adventures in one convenient place. TourRadar offers 71 National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures tours through many destinations including Kruger National Park and Johannesburg.

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