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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there more snow on the way in Boston?

“Plenty more snow is on the way,” the service’s Boston office said on Twitter, in a post that showed a picture of its snowy parking lot.

Is Massachusetts in for a ‘high impact winter storm’ on Saturday?

Local meteorologists are warning Massachusetts residents that a strong coastal storm will likely bring significant winter weather impacts to the region on Saturday. The National Weather Service said Wednesday that confidence is growing that southern New England is in for a “high impact winter storm.”

How is the NWS snowfall forecast determined?

This map is the official NWS snowfall forecast in inches during the time period shown on the graphic. This snowfall amount is determined by NWS forecasters to be the most likely outcome based on evaluation of data from computer models, satellite, radar, and other observations.

Why is there less snow in the northeast this winter?

One of those factors lies in the number of storms, there are actually two storms brewing in the region. If they stay separate, that means less snow, according to NBC.

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