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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if Natsuki is killed?

Natsuki is able to create magical chains. This is the magical technique used to seal magic criminals within the prison barrier. She is the only person that can use it. If she is killed, those held within the prison barrier will be set free.

Why didn't Monika force Natsuki's friends to die?

The deaths, and Natsuki's lack there of, are consistent with the narrative that Monika didn't outright force them to die but instead turned their inherent flaws to maximum. Natsuki's flaw just so happened to be one that wasn't conducive to self harm and so she kinda lucked out.

How old is Natsuki in anime?

Natsuki is 26 years old but appears to be much younger because she has been in an enchanted sleep for 10 years of which have made her body not age. Her appearance prompts Kojou and Asagi to call her Natsuki-chan, although she repeatedly tells them not to.

What does Natsuki look like in Bleach?

Natsuki is a tall young man with blond hair that is wavy with one lock curling upwards on the top of his head and light green eyes. He wears oval lens glasses. When Natsuki's glasses are taken off, Satsuki appears; his appearance is the same, but with a stronger and more violent presence.

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