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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install f4se on Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 F4SE installation for hardcore modding (with Steam) 1 Step 1: Download. 2 Step 2: Install directory. 3 Step 3: Disable the Fallout 4 Launcher (skip if you are not launching from Steam. 4 Step 4: Copy the entire F4SE folder inside your Fallout4 folder. 5 Step 5: Installing the Steam F4SE launcher.

How to install Fallout 4 mods?

How To Manually Install Fallout 4 Mods 1 Archive Extractors. You will need an archive extractor such as 7zip, WinRar, or other solution. 2 Finding Your Data Folder. This is where you will install Fallout 4 modification files. ... 3 Installing Loose files. ... 4 Installing Plugins. ... 5 Enabling Plugins. ...

How do I download f4se?

1 Download F4SE 0.6.19 (Fallout 4 Build) 2 Extract all files inside the f4se_0_06_21 folder to your game folder (where Fallout4.exe is located) 3 Run the game using f4se_loader.exe 4 To confirm it is working, open the console with the tilde (`) key and type getf4seversion. This will display the version... More ...

How do I run Fallout 4 on Steam?

Download F4SE Steam Launcher [] and extract it (with 7-Zip). Look inside the "F4SE Custom Steam Launcher" folder. In there is a file called "Fallout4Launcher.exe". Put it directly in your Fallout 4 folder. Launch the game via Steam. Load any save.

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