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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest news and comment on Northern Ireland?

Northern Ireland. The latest news and comment on Northern Ireland. 23 October 2019. 'Disgraceful': Unionists slam minister over Irish Sea checks. Published: 12:39 PM. 'Disgraceful': Unionists slam minister over Irish Sea checks. A Good Woman Is Hard to Find review – gritty Northern Ireland crime thriller 3 out of 5 stars.

Why are some headlines not about NI News?

Relevance is automatically assessed, so occasionally headlines not about NI news might appear - if so please contact us regarding any persistent issues.

What is the Northern Ireland Protocol?

The Northern Ireland Protocol is at the centre of a dispute between the UK and the EU. How hot is it where you are? Compare the temperature in your area to other locations in the UK and around the world. BBC News NI looks at the key moments around Northern Ireland's long-debated abortion laws. How does power-sharing work in Northern Ireland?

Where can I get the latest Belfast News updates?

Get the latest Belfast News updates from the Belfast Live news team. belfastliveLoad mobile navigation News Latest News Belfast News My Derry My Tyrone My Fermanagh Crime Health

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