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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NPT stand for?

NPT stands for National Pipe Thread, also known as American National Standard Pipe Thread, it is a U.S technical standard for measuring screw threads on threaded pipes and pipe fittings. NPT threads can be divided into tapered and straight thread series for different purposes. NPT is defined by ANSI/ASME standard B1.20.1.

What is the use of NPT?

NPT threads are designed to be used with a sealing compound such as Teflon tape to create a leak-free seal , whereas NPTF threads form a mechanical seal by crushing the entire thread form. If NPT is used without a sealing compound then there can be leakages or other unpleasant issues.

What is all about NPT?

The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, commonly known as the Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT, is an international treaty whose objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament.

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