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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some dangers of using nulled WordPress themes?

If we start using nulled WordPress themes and plugins, it will cause developers a great financial loss. Also, product teams will lose interest in creating new exclusive products and features. Not only you but also all WordPress users will be a victim of it.

How can nulled WordPress themes be used to hijack your blog?

WordPress nulled themes and plugins are distributed for many reasons: to redirect your blog to spam websites, to add ads and banners, to convey spam emails, to hijack your user details, and many more! Since hackers made premium products freely available, they have a detrimental effect on developers and companies that made them.

What is the role of nulled WordPress themes in piracy?

Nulled WordPress themes and plugins play a big role in piracy. Using licensed products without purchasing them is called pirated products. Not only will pirated themes and plugins harm your website, but you may face a high punishment if you get caught. So you can see you also have to pay a high price for using nulled WordPress themes.

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