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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is NumberSync not working on Apple Watch?

1) The longstanding problem of AT&T's product and service - NumberSync - and its inability to connect to the Apple Watch. 2) That AT&T has ignored or failed to solve NumberSync as a system-wide problem. 3) That AT&T customers cannot be expected to resolve their NumberSync issues one-by-one or on hours of calls with AT&T Service Representatives

How do I Sync My Apple Watch to my iPhone?

To talk, text, or use data on your watch, first sync it to your iPhone. Here's how to set up NumberSync for Apple Watch (GPS + Cellular): 1. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and follow the prompts to start pairing. Select Cellular and then Set up Cellular. If you don't have a plan for your watch, you'll be prompted to select one.

How do I change the number my Apple watch syncs to?

Learn how to change the number your Apple Watch syncs to. Go to your account overview, then open the My wireless section. Scroll to My devices & add-ons and choose your device. Select Manage my device. Choose the device you want to remove NumberSync from. Heads up: Removing NumberSync doesn't cancel your smartwatch plan.

How do I set up my wireless number on my Apple Watch?

Learn how to set up your wireless number on an Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) or newer. A compatible iPhone® (6 series or newer running iOS 11.0 or greater) with AT&T Wi-Fi Calling enabled If you don't have a plan for your Apple Watch, you'll be prompted to add one. You can only sync your watch to 1 wireless number at a time.

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