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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Officenet?

Functionality of today’s office and home workplace has become crucial in the operation of an efficient office. OfficeNet provides high quality office furniture and equipment to meet everyone’s needs. We have the knowledge and the ability to design office space that will meet your technological needs in a comfortable productive environment.

Why choose Officenet by Netcomm labs?

Featured in CIO Review, ET Now as a "Top HR Software Service Provider", the Organization takes pride in its Made in India label and has already implemented the solution across 200 companies PAN India. Netcomm Labs brings Officenet as an exciting Intranet solution that meets all your communication needs within your organization.

Why choose officofficenet HR solution?

Officenet HR Solution Software delivers world class Cloud and On Premise HR cum Payroll Solutions to leading Organizations on a PAN India basis. With 10 Years of a rich experience we assist HR teams to bring about both transactional and transformational change within their Companies. Integration with Biometrics and Payroll.

What is the difference between an intranet and Officenet?

As things currently stand, intranets are often seen as dull but useful which make it difficult for intranet teams to gain the resources and popularity that they require. Officenet, on the other hand comes packed with innovation and simplicity both served with the latest tools to manage, share and publish information across your organization.

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