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Frequently Asked Questions

What is another word for official?

Another word for official. official. modif. formal, fitting, suitable, befitting, precise, established, ceremonious, according to precedent, according to protocol, proper, correct, accepted, recognized, customary; see also conventional 1, 2, 3, fit 1, 2. Antonyms informal*, unceremonious, ill-fitting.

What does officials mean?

An individual or a group of individuals that is responsible for controlling and/or regulating an activity to ensure that participation is fair among all participants. Officials are also granted the power to penalize or punish participants that do not act fairly.

What is the definition of officials?

Definition of official. 1 : of or relating to an office, position, or trust official duties official documents 2 : holding an office : having authority the president's official representative.

What is synonym for officials?

Synonyms for Officials: n. •bureaucracy (noun) officialdom. •custodians (noun) rangers, curators, stewards, Guards, proctors, gamekeepers, guardians, Turnkeys, wardens, custodians, warders, caretakers, jailers, commandants, governors, screws, keepers, Functionaries, overseers.

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