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Frequently Asked Questions

When can you plant onion sets?

You can set out plants of long-day onion varieties through January and March and expect a late-summer to fall harvest. Short day onions are planted in November through January for harvest in late-spring to early summer. No matter what type of onions you grow, remember that all onions, according to the University of Minnesota, need full sun.

Can You get Big Onions from sets?

It is easiest to grow onions from onion”sets” – immature onion bulbs. If you prefer to start from onion seeds, they must be started in doors very early in the year. One little onion set will grow into one big onion, so plant as many sets as you want to harvest. Put the onion with the root side down and the pointy side up in the soil.

How far apart should onion sets be planted?

When planting onion sets, plant them between 2 and 6 inches apart, and don't bury them more than 1 inch under the soil. When planting transplants into the garden, space plants 4 to 5 inches apart in rows 12 to 18 inches apart. Popular. Trending.

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