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Frequently Asked Questions

How many Superior Court judges are there in California?

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom today announced the appointment of 19 California superior court judges, which include one in Butte County, 10 in Los Angeles County, one in Orange County, two in Riverside County, two in San Bernardino County, two in San Francisco County and one in Ventura County.

Who are the judges of Los Angeles County?

Hon. Daniel J. Buckley, 2014–2015 (A), 2015– Assistant Presiding Judge, Superior Court, Los Angeles County Mr. Richard D. Feldstein, 2014– (A) Court Executive Officer, Superior Court, Napa County Hon. David E. Gunn, 2014– (A) Commissioner, Superior Court, Butte County Hon. Gary Nadler, 2014– Judge, Superior Court, Sonoma County

Who are the most famous judges in Orange County?

Judge, Municipal Court, Orange County Hon. James A. Hayes, 1969–1971 Member of the Assembly, 39th District Mr. Marcus Mattson, 1969–1973 Attorney at Law, Los Angeles 1970 Hon. Martin N. Pulich, 1970–1975 Judge, Municipal Court, San Francisco County 1971 Hon. Wakefield Taylor, 1971–1975, 1979–1983

What is the Orange County Superior Court?

Our COURT. The Superior Court is a unified state trial court serving the County of Orange. The court has eight locations and hears all matters in criminal, traffic, civil, probate, juvenile, family law, and mental health cases.

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