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Frequently Asked Questions

What are traditional nursery rhymes?

Traditional Nursery Rhymes is an audio cassette released in 1993. I Saw Three Ships Six Little Mice Sat Down to Spin (said by Roy Seymour) Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be? Jack-a-Nory (said by Alexandra Johnson) Dance to Your Daddy Tweedledum & Tweedledee (said by Roy Seymour) Oranges & Lemons...

Where do Nursery Rhymes really come from?

The nursery rhyme was first written down in Kate Greenaway’s 1881 edition of Mother Goose. At that time, ideas about its origins pointed to pagan beginnings. Similar singing games in the German ...

Do Nursery Rhymes have secret meanings?

The true meanings behind many favorite nursery rhymes may make them seem considerably creepier, yet they can provide clues to history and concepts of the natural world that delight and surprise the curious historian. Many parents aren't aware of the hidden secrets within ancient nursery rhymes.

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