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Frequently Asked Questions

What to bring to OSU?

Miscellaneous Items. You may wish to bring with you items of cultural interest (such as photos, books, slides, musical instruments, traditional clothing and taped music) if there is room in your luggage. Many campus and community organizations arrange special events that highlight the rich cultural diversity of OSU.

Can you play OSU on keyboard?

Keyboard was once the only way to play osu!mania until other playing methods was supported over time. Players place their fingers on the keyboard keys with respect to the key-bindings and currently playing Keys setting. The advantage of this play-style is that it can accommodate basically all the Keys setting.

Is OSU good?

osu is always good for any game that involves precision with your mouse, I picked it up trying to get better at league of legends and it works, but really the best way is to just play the game.

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