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Frequently Asked Questions

How to import email addresses from Excel to Outlook?

Importing email addresses from Excel to Outlook involves the following steps: Download and run Excel to Outlook Converter. Hit a click on Browse button and select the Excel file from which you want to import contacts. The software will preview all the content of browsed XLS file. Click on Next to proceed further.

How do you import contacts into Outlook? Open Applications Launcher > People > Manage > Import contacts > Browse. Select the CSV file and choose Open . Contact data stored in a database or spreadsheet can be easily imported into Outlook.

How to export and import contacts in outlook?

What to KnowOpen Contacts on the Mac. Go to File > Export > Export vCard or drag All Contacts from the Group list to the desktop.Close Contacts and open Outlook.Select People or Contacts. Drag and drop the All Contacts.vcf file from the desktop to the Address Book root category.

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