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Frequently Asked Questions

What is topics in pain management?

The mission of Topics in Pain Management is to provide the multidisciplinary health care team with evidence-based information to improve their patients’ quality of life and outcomes, together with news about the latest innovations in pain research and practice. All issues include continuing education for multiple disciplines.

What are the best chronic pain support groups?

The 6 Best Chronic Pain Support Groups of 2021 Best Overall: National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association; Best for Families: Pain Connection; Best for Online Forums: The Mighty; Best for Forming Supportive Relationships: MyChronicPainTeam; Best for Structure: Chronic Pain Anonymous

How can chronic pain be managed?

However, these options are only a few of the pieces necessary to solve the puzzle of chronic pain. Mental and emotional wellness is equally important—psychological techniques and therapy help build resilience and teach the necessary skills for management of chronic pain.

What is group psychotherapy for chronic pain patients?

Psychotherapy of chronic pain patients in a group setting, often an adjunct to individual sessions, appears to be another key modality for successful treatment. CITE THIS ARTICLE Whitman S. Group Psychotherapy for Chronic Pain Patients. Pract Pain Manag. 2005;5(6). May 16, 2011 Sarah M. Whitman, MD

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