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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Panasonic arc 5 es-lv67 and es- lv97?

In 2019 Panasonic introduced a couple of supposedly new models, the ES-LV67 and ES-LV97. However, they’re basically a second generation Arc 5 with a new design, but the same foil and blades. The new ES-LV67 is fitted with the same foil and blades as the ES-LV65 and the other older Arc 5 models.

Can the Panasonic es-lv97-k arc5 razor be used dry?

The Panasonic ES-LV97-K ARC5 razor can be used dry any time you need a quick, close shave or touch up. Or, use the 100% waterproof shaver wet with shaving gel or foam over the sink or in the shower. Keeping your shaver clean and performing like new is easy.

Is the Panasonic es-lv65-s arc5 an electric shaver?

Equipped with universal voltage, travel safety lock and travel pouch for on-the-go grooming. The fully loaded Panasonic Electric Shaver and Trimmer for Men, ES-LV65-S Arc5, Wet/Dry with 5 Nanotech Blades and Flexible Pivoting Head, is packed with smart, innovative features that deliver a remarkably close and comfortable shave.

How long does the es-lv97-k arc5 take to charge?

The men's shaver trimmer fully charges in 1 hour for up to 45 minutes of cordless use, plus a handy 3-minute quick charge for one, 5-minute shave. The ES-LV97-K ARC5 comes with universal 100-240Vvoltage for charging while travelling, plus a durable travel case and AC charger.

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