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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the model number of the DMC-TZ30?

Model No. DMC-TZ30/DMC-ZS20 VQT4C14-1 M0212KZ1042 Operating Instructions for advanced features Digital Camera Model No.DMC-TZ30/DMC-ZS20 Before use, please read these instructions completely. - 2 -

Can I edit pictures taken with a Panasonic digital camera (Lumix)?

● You cannot edit pictures taken using a Panasonic digital camera (LUMIX) with GPS recording support released before 2010. - 140 - Adjusting the time using GPS You can automatically update the [Clock Set] of the camera using the date and time information contained in GPS radio signals.

What are the best practices when using the Panasonic AV cable?

● Always use a genuine Panasonic AV cable (optional). ● When using a TV with a 4:3 aspect ratio, always change the camera’s [TV Aspect] setting (→59) to [4:3] before dubbing.

How do I play Pictures on my Panasonic TV with SD?

■ When TVs or DVD recorders have an SD card slot Insert the SD Memory Card into the SD card slot •Still pictures can be played back. •AVCHD motion pictures can be played back on Panasonic televisions (VIERA) displaying the AVCHD logo.

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