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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Panasonic Wi-Fi?

Panasonic Wi-Fi and rechargeable battery power means the cameras are fully wire-free. Set alert zones to minimize unwanted alerts, while still having the option to record video alerts to a secure Micro SD Card** in the systems wireless access point base unit, no 3rd party monitoring or cloud services are required.

Why choose Panasonic homehawk night vision?

With Panasonic's high-quality color night-vision camera you can clearly view and identify everyone and everything in greater detail than other monitoring cameras that only offer lower-quality monochrome night vision. Large or small, HomeHawk covers your entire house and yard.

What is a homehawk camera?

HomeHawk cameras offer HD video quality and are weather-resistant,*** plus they run on Panasonic’s built-in long-life rechargeable battery* technology that powers many of the worlds most advanced automotive and electronic devices.

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