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Frequently Asked Questions

Is PC Matic a good antivirus program?

PC Matic Review. Microsoft Security Essentials is a good basic antivirus program. It is clean and small and since it is free and from Microsoft it isn’t bloated with features many people don’t need. Norton and McAfee and their brethren need to "offer more" to get you to pay $50-a-year for software that you can get for free from Microsoft.

How good is PC Matic?

But all that said, PC Matic is a decent, low-cost antivirus that provides good protection against malware. PC Matic’s malware scanner uses whitelisting to block malicious programs. This means that PC Matic has a database of known “good” programs and blocks the programs that aren’t on that database.

Does PC Matic actually work?

The best part is that PC Matic does all the work for you - you don't have to use advanced features or deal with complicated settings to be protected against malware. Because of this, PC Matic is a particularly good choice for beginners and non-tech-savvy users who are looking for a minimalistic, install-and-forget antivirus.

How much does PC Matic cost?

We have priced PC Matic very competitively at $50 / 5 computers / 1 year. Similar products typically cost $80 / 3 computers / 1 year, and do not provide the level of security or system performance of PC Matic. That's a great value.

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