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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is PCPartPicker?

How accurate is PCpartpicker? It seems to be able to let you configure all your parts before buying. And anyone if it has all the latest parts for you to choose? It has a basic Compatibility Check and pretty much all the Parts that are out there, anyone who's building a Gaming PC/Workstation PC will find anything they need on that Site, really.

Are motherboards with integrated processors compatible with PCPartPicker?

Motherboards with integrated processors are often of great value for home servers or embedded systems, but many are not listed on PCPartPicker. Compatability checker isn't perfect.

Does PCPP use referral links for parts?

Their Shop selection is very wide too, especially im USA, Canada, and Germany. All major Hubs except Ebay, which is a tiny bit different and probably doesn't use referral links which makes it uninsteresting for PCPP. I honestly never knew that they used referral links for their parts. If that’s what keeps their site online, I support it.

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