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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you close a web page?

Minimize: Useful if you want to “close up” a web part temporarily. ...Close: Similar to delete, but the web part still exists on the page, even though you (and your users) aren’t really aware of it.Delete: The web part is completely removed from the page, at least in SharePoint 2016 and SharePoint Online. ...

How to remove about blank page?

Remove questionable software using Windows Control PanelRemove About:blank from Firefox by resetting web browser settingsRemove About:blank pop up from Internet ExplorerRemove About:blank pop ups from ChromeDelete unwanted Scheduled Tasks

How to remove blank pages word?

Option 6: How to delete blank pages in WordPress Ctrl+Shift+8 on PC or Command ⌘+8 on Mac. This will show all the paragraph marks in the document.Select the last paragraph mark on the last blank pageChange the font size to 1 or 01 then press enter.

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