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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I recover deleted messages in Instagram?

Part 1. Can You Recover Deleted Instagram Messages?Part 2. 4 Ways to Recover Deleted Instagram MessagesWay 1: Use KidsGuard Pro for Android to Recover Deleted Instagram MessagesWay 2: Recover from Instagram DataWay 3: Recover from Facebook AccountWay 4: Recover from The User To Whom SentPart 3. Conclusion

How do you delete a direct message on Instagram?

You can delete as many messages as you want using the following method:Go to your Instagram Direct MessagesTap the conversation where the message you would like to delete isTap and hold on the message you’ve sentYou will find 3 options. Copy, Unsend, or save.Tap “unsend”Your message has now disappeared from the recipient’s chat as well as your own.

How do I recover deleted Instagram?

Launch the Instagram appEnter your username and passwordA message tells you that your account has been deactivatedIn this pop-up window is a find out more linkClick on itThen follow the instructions displayed on the screen

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