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Frequently Asked Questions

What games does Pesche play with Nel?

He and Dondochakka spent the following time traveling around Hueco Mundo, keeping Nel amused with games like Eternal Tag, while still training to better protect her. Pesche playing "eternal tag" with Nel. Pesche initially appears alongside Dondochakka and Bawabawa, chasing Nel across the desert of Hueco Mundo.

Who is Pesche Guatiche?

Pesche Guatiche (ペッシェ・ガティーシェ, Pesshe Gatīshe) is one of Nel Tu 's "brothers" and protectors. Pesche Guatiche is a humanoid Arrancar whose head is almost completely covered by his mask, which resembles an insect-like head with large mandibles and horns.

How do Pesche and Dondochakka recognize Nel's true form?

Around this time, Pesche and Dondochakka recognize the Reiatsu of Nel's true form. Wishing to defeat Szayelaporro quickly so that they could assist Nel in battle, they begin to show their true power. Pesche uses his Infinite Slick ability to cause the voodoo dolls to slip out of Szayelaporro's hands.

How would you describe Pesche's character?

At first glance, Pesche is rather cowardly, usually hiding from enemies rather than facing them. Initially, he is deathly afraid of Shinigami, panicking when he first learns that Ichigo is one of them. At the same time, however, he seems to be dimwitted, not even realizing that Ichigo is a Shinigami until Nel points it out.

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