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Frequently Asked Questions

What does physical chemistry mean?

Physical chemistry is the branch of chemistry that deals with the physical structure of chemical compounds, the way they react with other matter and the bonds that hold their atoms together. An example of physical chemistry is nitric acid eating through wood. noun 3 2

What does physical chemistry deal with?

Physical chemistry deals with the principles of physics involved in chemical interactions. It examines: How matter behaves on a molecular and atomic level. How chemical reactions occur. Physical chemists are focused on understanding the physical properties of atoms and molecules, the way chemical reactions work, and what these properties reveal.

Is every physical thing a chemical?

So, basically anything you can taste, smell, or hold consists of matter and is therefore a chemical. Examples of chemicals include the chemical elements, such as zinc, helium, and oxygen; compounds made from elements including water, carbon dioxide, and salt; and more complex materials like your computer, air, rain, a chicken, a car, etc.

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