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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trayvon Martin in a gray hoodie?

They generally chose the one of the boy in the red T-shirt rather than a more recent photo of him in a gray hoodie, which has been available all along. Photo editors said this image of Trayvon Martin has been available as long as the one of him in the red shirt, but it hasn’t circulated as widely.

Why are there two photos of Trayvon Martin?

Since the shooting of Trayvon Martin became national news, two photos have come to define the emotionally and racially charged narrative. News organizations initially had just a few photos of Martin to choose from, and just one of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watchman who shot and killed him.

Did twitchy publish a photo of a shirtless Trayvon Martin?

The photograph of a shirtless Trayvon Martin that Twitchy published as a supposedly more recent and accurate depiction of the victim was one they The kicker? The photo on the right was of a different Trayvon Martin.

When was Trayvon Martin's 11th grade ID photo taken?

According to Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump it dates from August 2011, just seven months before Martin’s death, when Trayvon was 16. By way of comparison, Trayvon’s 11th grade ID photo, which presumably would have been taken a few months later, is displayed on the right below:

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