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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you set up Plex?

Look for the Plex icon that will appear in the System Tray. Right click on the icon and select Media Manager. Agree to the Terms of Service. Proceed to the Settings panel by clicking the tool icon in the upper right corner.

Is Plex like Netflix?

Many people think of Plex as being like Netflix for their own content, but Plex does not provide content to you in the same way as Netflix or Hulu does. Plex also has a subscription service called Plex Pass, which provides additional features and benefits to subscribers.

Is Plex streaming free?

Plex’s media server software is free, but the company charges $5 for most of its client apps. Plex also has a $5-per-month subscription service, called Plex Pass, which offers features such as cloud streaming, managed user accounts, and offline viewing on phones and tablets.

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