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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does plexplexus operate?

Plexus operates nationwide in all 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. Our expertise includes supplying customers with a complete spectrum of recruitment services including but not limited to Staff Augmentation Services, Permanent Placements, Contract Placements and Project-based Placements.

What is plexus technology solutions?

Welcome to Plexus Technology Solutions Inc. Plexus is a leading US-based recruitment consultancy specializing in staff augmentation services for information technology and wireless service providers worldwide.

Does plexus collect personal information about me?

If you use a chat feature while signed into your Plexus account, we may link the submitted data to your account. SOURCE 2: We Collect Personal Information Automatically We automatically collect certain information from you when you access and use our Site.

What is plexus’s California Privacy Center?

Plexus® understands that data privacy laws and regulations are constantly changing. Given the recent passage of state laws, including those in California, Plexus has launched this Privacy Center to provide you with greater transparency into our data practices and your options with respect to your data.

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